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Land & Site Clearing

Site Clearing Bloomington, INAlmost all construction and installation projects require a clear patch of land without any obstacles. Yes, sometimes contractors can work around objects, but that can be risky and compromise the quality of the result. You need clear and level land to build something on it and for that, you need reliable land clearing contractors.

At Mike Langley Excavating, we have the equipment, skills, and the right experience to handle such projects. We have several loyal and satisfied clients here in Bloomington and the surrounding counties.

They trust us to do a good job and ensure that the end result is to their satisfaction. Clients trust our services and give us a call when they require our land or site clearing expertise.

How Do We Clear Land?

Clearing land can be a risky venture, especially if you’re dealing with tall, mature trees. Our team is always careful and make sure that they don’t damage the surrounding properties and land in any way. Our process is very straightforward:

  • Our experts will first survey and map the land. We want to know what kind of obstacles we will face during the project and so create a map of the area and mark out every tree, rock, or installation in our way.

  • We also look at the surrounding areas to see if there are any properties or installations close to obstacles like tall trees. The objective is to ensure that nothing is damaged during tree removal. Our personnel will also mark a clear boundary around the property to ensure we don’t accidently venture onto the neighbor’s land.

  • Once the land is marked and we know what we’re dealing with, we do a walk-through with our client. Some clients want to preserve certain trees or boulders on their property. We always take that into account when we work on a project.

  • After we have surveyed the land, we decide what kind of equipment would be required for the project. Different obstacles would require different strategies; for example, removal of a bolder would require different techniques and equipment than excavating around a tree.

Dealing With Trees

Site Clearing Bloomington, INTrees are distressed by heavy machinery and equipment and often die as a result. Soil becomes compressed and stifles the roots, causing considerable damage to the tree. We work to avoid that as much as possible. We excavate and work on areas away from the tree to ensure that it remains healthy.

Sometimes, cutting down trees is the best option. It can be very dangerous to allow trees to thrive near a property. A storm can uproot it and cause excessive property damage. We also clear all the stumps from the area to ensure that the trees don’t grow back.

If you have any questions about site clearing or our other services, feel free to contact us at Mike Langley Excavating. Our number is 812-332-8068. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

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