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"Mike Langley Excavating has been working with us for 15 years. They are very knowledgeable in setting up elevations and projects. Their crew and workmen are very pleasant to work with. They provide quality work."

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Trucking & Hauling

Hauling Bloomington, INIf you’ll look at our list of services, you’ll notice things like excavation, grading, land and site cleaning, demolition, etc. There’s one thing that all these services have in common; they generate tons of debris and waste. You can’t just let the excavated earth, the fallen tree, or other such debris sit on your property. These need to be removed and it’s why we at Mike Langley Excavating offer trucking and hauling services

Our trucks are a very familiar sight here in Bloomington and the surrounding areas. We can carry out of various construction sites, both residential and light commercial.

We’ve also transported things like gravel and topsoil to various projects in the area. Our experienced drivers are prompt and know the routes in and around Bloomington well.

Our Hauling Services

We offer a wide range of hauling services and are capable of carrying all kinds of debris. Being a part of the excavation industry, we know what kind of mess construction sites and other such places tend to accumulate. Our services are specifically tailored for the needs of this industry.

  • Our first step is to understand how much we have to haul and how many trips we need to make. We ask our clients a set of questions, including the duration of the project. Some clients hire us to remove debris on a daily basis.

  • After we understand the scope of the project, we choose the equipment. We have a fleet of trucks that can be used for different purposes. We will select a vehicle that’s suited for the job and set up a schedule.

  • If we need to haul items to the construction site, we will pick up the cargo for our client and transport it to the location of the project.

Our Priorities

Hauling Bloomington, INWe offer a comprehensive range of services and can handle all kinds of cargo. We have the trucks, equipment, and drivers that would ensure the debris is loaded safety and disposed of responsibly.

  • We are capable of handling any hauling job, whether big or small. You can call us even if you need a truck to remove a small amount of debris generated in your house remodel project; our truck will be there on time, ready to haul all the debris off your property.

  • Our drivers are well-trained and experienced. They also follow a strict set of rules for their safety and the safety of others on the road. They don’t drink and drive and we make sure that they’re healthy before we let them get behind the wheel.

  • Our trucks are also inspected on a daily basis before they leave for hauls. This minimizes the risk of unexpected break downs and other such problems.

If you have any questions about our truck hauling or other services, feel free to contact us at Mike Langley Excavating. Our number is 812-332-8068. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

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