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Septic Systems

Septic Systems Bloomington, INIn rural areas, farmlands, and small towns, the homes usually aren’t grouped together and built side by side. It’s not uncommon for most of them to be built very far from each other. In such settings, even the common sewer systems aren’t very well developed and it’s more economical to install a septic tank system on your property and manage your wastewater yourself.

At Mike Langley Excavating, we offer septic tank installation, repair, and maintenance services. We have worked with several clients in here in Bloomington, and surrounding counties and regularly repair and maintain septic tanks and systems in these areas.

All the systems we’ve installed have worked well and our clients are satisfied with the quality of our services.

How Does The Septic System Work?

The septic system design and mechanism is very simple to understand. Here’s a brief explanation of how it works:

  • A drain pipe draws wastewater from your home and directs it towards a septic tank that’s installed some distance away from your home on your property.

  • Septic Systems Bloomington, INOnce the wastewater is in the tank, all solid waste sinks to the bottom while the grease and the oil float to the top. The solid waste and the grease remain while the water in between is pumped out.

  • This water is transported to a distribution box, flows down perforated pipes and is taken to a drain field. The system is designed to prevent waste water from escaping the pipes and contaminating the ground water.

  • In the drain field, the remaining waste in the water is broken down by bacteria present in the soil. Eventually, only pure water remains, which will then replenish the ground water supply.

  • We install Presby Systems which is the most advanced and reliable system at this time and we invite you to visit their website for more information www.presbyeco.com

What’s The Installation Process?

Septic tanks need to be installed very carefully. If they’re not, you’ll experience a clogged plumbing system, bad odors, and even corrupted ground water supply. If you have a well on your property, you don’t want the wastewater to escape the pipes. Here’s what you can expect from the installation process:

  • Our experts will create a project plan and map out where everything would go.
  • We will then excavate the ground wherever required and meticulously prepare the site.
  • We will install the plumbing system to connect the home drains to the septic system
  • After everything is in place, we will install the tank before connecting it to the septic system.

We double check everything during the installation to ensure that nothing goes wrong. If you have any questions about sewer installation, maintenance, and repair or our other services, feel free to contact us at Mike Langley Excavating. Our number is 812-332-8068. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

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